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It inevitably includes that belief that you are directly responsible for the way people respond to distress and that at some deep and fundamental level you are worthless or there is some level of self-loathing. One way to reduce the intensity of this emotion is by challenging the irrational thoughts that create it in the first place. Journaling about this can also be very powerful.

Anxiety is often something that people also experience in these situations. The cause of anxiety is the expectation that something catastrophic is about to happen. This can include that one of the consequences of coming out is the spouse suiciding and the kids selling themselves in the back alleys of the Valley to pay for their crystal meth addiction.

Writing these thoughts down and challenging them when you are feeling a little more rational can be a great step. Whichever situation and dynamic you are facing, the most important thing is to make sure you are not only looking after the wellbeing of those you love, but also focus on what is ultimately right for you. Phone: www. Phone: Email: brisowls hotmail. I had better do it too, so at eighteen I became a father and married man. What was missing?????????

He walked over and pushed his cock against my hip, what was I supposed to do?!!!!! Well you all know what I did and boy did it feel right from there. I suddenly knew who I was supposed to be. I discovered beats, beaches and saunas and they were my lifesaver for some time. Then the unthinkable happened, I had started to see another married guy on a regular basis, and I fell in love with him.

Here I was trapped in a marriage with two children by this time and now realising I was Gay. My world crumbled, I became so stressed, I drank too much, I was moody at home, I even thought that yes if I died it would all be over.

I had enough tablets to do the job and got so close, but at the end I reached out to the woman I had married and told her the truth. Of course it destroyed her as well, but to my utter amazement she got me off to our family doctor, who then helped us get counselling and start to work through it.

I stayed on there for several years because I knew those children had a right to a family unit until they could stand on their own 2 feet. It will be freedom for us both to go and find a life that is right. She is married again and we all get along well. The two children who have children of their own now are loving and supportive of my life. Then came the next decisions, where did I fit in the gay world? I had to find new friends, because the straight ones were now a thing of the past.

I made a decision to always tell the truth if I was asked about my sexuality, and so slowly I had a new group of friends growing both straight and gay. I put myself into the gay scene and experimented with that until I found where I knew I was comfortable. To those of you who may read my story- it is not typical, it is MY story.

I was lucky with the result. It was approximately 10 years ago when I was I was working an 8am-4pm shift at my workplace when I received a phone call from my Dad telling me he was on his way up to see me as he had to speak to me. I resided in Noosa at the time whilst he was in Brisbane Two tense hours later I jumped in the car and we headed off down the road out of ear shot of my work mates.

I was beside myself asking the two most important questions in my mind that could have caused him to drive all this way to see me. Firstly, was my brother or Mother injured or dead and secondly, had our old family dog died. When he reassured me that they were all fine I relaxed somewhat. Who was I, or for that matter who was anyone, to judge him for what is so natural in this world?

For me it was a journey of reflection and self awareness and to realise what my true values and beliefs were under all the bullshit we all seem to love to sprout nowadays. My Dad is an amazing man who overcame so many hurdles, knock backs not just the ones at the Wickham and closeted stereotypes to introduce us to some amazing people and places. Personally he has broadened my outlook of the world for which I am eternally grateful. Was this decision hard for him? Certainly, I am under no illusion there and I am sure on some level we both struggle with different things.

But as I have found there is always someone to talk to about these issues if you take the first step. My response to him to this day is still the same as my first reaction, as is my brothers. Your our DAD, we have and always will love and adore you for the rest of days no matter what Now about that loan!!!!! There is a new party in town and its down, dirty and pure Decadance!

The heat of the night is sure to take you places you never thought possible, with an extravaganza of roving performers and adult acts consistently whipping up a frenzy. Part proceeds of all Hot Productions events are donated to Open Doors. Decadance: 9pm- Late. Saturday 22 November. Tickets available at The Den or online. Not just for the person coming out but also for the family members who have to adjust.

Every situation is different and coming out will affect people in different ways. QNews recently met with a family who have gone through the coming out process and are now closer than ever before. Ray Stanbrook and his daughter Kym have been generous enough to share with us their personal stories of how coming out has effected their lives.

Kirsty and Miles reconcile, but for how long? Bones 7 — Fast-tracked! Supernatural 10 — What if all wishes came true? Survivor 9 — Yet another great show, shit timeslot whilst repeats run wild in primetime! Have your say and make it count! Amazing Race 7 — Bones 7 — Contines from Mondays! Heroes 7 — Prison Break is the latest 7 casualty, want it back, be heard! Call 7! Plus, can Sylar truly change? Over half of the men answering the polls were fazed by the HIV status of their partners.

Three quarters sought out partners of the same HIV status, and more than three quarters thought that positive guys should always tell their partners they are HIV positive. Both men may believe their partner is the same status as them but the only way to know for sure is to explicitly discuss status. Using condoms remains the easiest way to protect yourself and your partners. Remember to provide a postal address for delivery of the flash drive.

The cosmos is giving you the opportunity to sort things out. Your future includes something important, requiring you to be in top shape, mentally and emotionally. Your career and sense of duty are involved. Mars in your eighth solar house leaves you feeling amorous.

This is a lot to take in at once and some of you have done well. Others have created havoc for themselves. All of this is in your control and you have the ability to settle everything down with a little quiet time and honest perspective. There is a circumstance with family or the people you hold dear who need your help. Considering how the universe functions, there is something for you to learn in this too. Your journey towards unlocking the secrets of your subconscious continues.

This could be part of what your aforementioned learning could involve. There is a lot of personal growth on offer and this could be through meeting new people or playing the role of teacher. If you meet someone who peaks your interest, they may have something to teach you. This includes friends and networks.

Travel and higher education are in good aspect so take advantage of opportunities that come up. Your position of leading the pack is a natural skill, as is taking care of situations for the good of all. Your money situation will be good and you may need to take care of a partner, business or personal. This is a very confident time for you and you should put this to the test. This is a good time for philosophical thinking.

A challenge you may come up against is being too reckless when having fun, so be sensible and responsible. This could mean a new career or alterations to your current one. Make an effort to expand on what you know and follow your passion. Your personal expression is undergoing some fine tuning from the recent months of growth and development. This will help you in the areas of life path, career and security.

Faith is a strong tool to have and taking the leap could prove worthwhile. Watch for communication challenges with people and pay attention to your dreams and intuition. Your subconscious is very active right now.

There is a lot of planetary action in the areas of your chart that involve other people. Clinton: Get off your high horse! Jessi: Am I bovvered? Kristy: Ya MUM! Luke: What planet are you on!?! The queen of pop often skips Australia on her world tours, but plans to jet for a series of concerts as early as January Two promoters have reportedly been fighting over the contract. The sales were despite the ageing rockers refusing to release the album as a digital download, preferring vinyl and CD.

The year-old singer was forced to cancel a string of earlier concerts because of a bout of migraine-associated vertigo. I love seeing how someone else might interpret a song that is so specific and personal to me. This film tells the story of an elderly woman who has made her home in a waste site in Rio de Janeiro. The films will be available to view online at www. Her fifth studio album, Funhouse, was released at the end of October and features the smash hit So What.

She will be performing in Brisbane on 12th and 13th June Elvis Presley may have left the building several decades ago, but his earning power is far from diminished with Forbes. Coming in at No. Her music reminds me of summertime and lazy afternoons, due to the smooth sounds, guitar and easy going vibe. It is hard to believe Hayley is just 20 years old; her music speaks of experience and world knowledge.

This talented young woman played a huge part in the making of Sunseed, besides vocals she also wrote the songs, chose the musicians, and contributed to the acoustic guitar and piano. She is also the records sole producer… so the album reflects who she is entirely. Their soulful, emotional songwriting recalls the lyrical storytelling of Irish greats such as Christy Moore and U2, but with a strictly ultramodern aesthetic that coats the songs in glittering production values.

On Some People Have Real Problems, Sia is definitely trying to expand her audience by dabbling in sweet piano ballads , white soul, angry girl rock, and soft electronica. The reason that so many people are going gaga over these songs across the world is because they are catchy, have a new vibe and beat, and have some lyrical substance to them. Unlike Katy Perry or Pink, she does not stray far outside her boundaries and limitations as an artist just to please critics.

And that is not intended to dismiss Lady Gaga as having limited talents; this girl can flat out sing. This is his third album - a shimmering collection of lush house tracks infused with his trademark vocal-laden melodies and addictive interludes. It epitomizes the sultry sounds of San Francisco. Kaskade has remixed such top pop artists as Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears, and his last mix album includes a Grammy nominated song.

The music is infectious and the hits are undeniable! With three albums released by the age of 15, Miley has already had the level of success that most artists only dream about with over 10 million albums sold! Then he basically made it again, and called it Snatch. Gerard Butler whose naked torso you may know from is One-Two, a small time criminal who gets caught up in a scheme where more money can be made from crooked real estate deals than drugs or standard robbery though they still do those.

He becomes indebted to mobster kingpin Lenny Tom Wilkinson from Michael Clayton and The Full Monty after a real estate deal goes wrong and needs cash fast. Enter the devilish accountant Stella Thandie Newton from Mission Impossible 2 who sets One-Two up with information about where he can easily steal the required cash. From there on in, the plot cascades about in a wild and enjoyable manner, encompassing the necessary elements of fame, sex, drugs and corrupt Russian billionaires that would take about words to explain in detail.

Gerard Butler is a thuggishly handsome and likeable lead, and Mr Ritchie once again demonstrates that violence and drug abuse can be stylish, visually appealing and be set to a funky soundtrack. And so off she goes to Rodanthe, a small holiday island off the coast of North Carolina, where as luck would have it, the only guest is Paul Richard Gere , a doctor dealing with various personal and professional tragedies.

The two of them get to know each other as they tiredly cavort around the island, and a hurricane brews offshore. Romantic dramas can be tremendously involving and emotionally satisfying, but they have to create characters we give a damn about, and unfortunately, Nights In Rodanthe just gives us characters you just want to run down with your car.

Brought up as a Christian in the Deep South, self-tortured by his gay demons and unlucky in love, he turned to a variety of addictive substances that he thought would help him cope with life. Welcome to Hollywood! But he rose above all of that and now has his life and career well and truly back on track. For those who like showbiz autobiographies - this is a great read. For those who might be having trouble coming to terms with their sexuality - this is a MUST read!

Intricately interwoven lives collide in this six degrees of Kevin Bacon-esque stage to screen adaptation. The main theme running throughout this story is the darker side of human nature and relationships. The story starts with one gay hero telling the story of his first love, then takes the audience on a whirlwind ride introducing a menagerie of wild and out of control characters who all interconnect in some way. Told in monologues to the camera, the audience is made to feel part of the action.

The scene changes are flawless and you are often left wondering who the current hero will be linked to next. I racked up a whopping great late fee with this one; I think I watched it nine times. Alex and Mark are brothers and both gay men. This film chronicles the journey of the twins as Alex becomes Clair.

The story of these two siblings is very tastefully told in a quite informal way. The audience is often left with a feeling that they are sifting through the pages of a family scrapbook. Mark and Clair share the experiences of growing up as one, of a set of gay twins in a Christian scientist family; from drug use; to sibling violence; to even suicide attempts.

This story is unique and paints an accurate portrayal of the abandonment and loneliness that even someone with an identical twin can face when experiencing a sexuality or gender crisis. Both twins seem to tackle the present issues in their lives with maturity and compassion which makes them easy to watch and care about.

A beautifully told story and one everyone should watch. Just want it to work? Call Today Same day service in most cases. Supporting home and small business user with all IT needs Computer Repairs co. We sell Rugs and Runners! Ideal partner: someone athletic and has a passion for sport. Must have a good sense of humour. We used to fight like crazy but he was always my mentor. I always looked up to him and aspired to be like him.

Fav sport: Softball How long have you played softball: 12 years Have you ever had any problems being out and gay when playing sport? I did at school, but never with my club. Everyone has been really supportive and happy for me. They support me in any way possible.

How did you get involved with the Outgames in Copenhagen? I was asked by the Sydney Outfielders to come and play with them in Copenhagen next July. I will be the only non Sydneysider playing in the team. How did you get involved with them? I went on the internet and looked up gay softball teams and the Sydney Outfielders were the first ones to pop up. I emailed the club president and five minutes later she gave me a call and said sure come along. I met with them and played in a tournament in Canberra.

We thought we would just play for fun but we ended up winning the comp. How does it feel to win Mr. Gay Brisbane? I had always been a bit too shy to get up and do anything like that, but I feel really proud. What was it like having your family there? It meant everything. Mum and dad went through a hard, rocky stage when I first came out of the closet, but I have always known that they love me and would never love me any less because I was gay.

This was sort of the final acceptance for them. It meant the world to me that they were there. What did they think of it all? They were a little standoffish at first because it was their first time at a gay club, but they got into it when they realized that it was just like any other club. They loved the drag shows. Dad thought it was really cool that they could dance better than most girls can. Mum thought the competition was really strong and loved the boys.

She tried to set me up with so many guys. It was really embarrassing. It seems Mum and I have very different tastes! After Josh had been crowned Mr Gay Brisbane, his parents rushed to the stage to celebrate with their boy. QN: What was josh like growing up? DAD: He was just like any other kid growing up.

He was a really good kid if a little headstrong. QN: What was it like when he first came out? MUM: I sort of had an idea. When he first came out it was a little hard to accept, but we had a lot of fun- getting up and dancing. We love him either way. DAD: I remember the afternoon well. He had already told his mum. His mum told me when we were sitting out the front. He broke down a bit, but I told him we would work through it whichever way it goes.

Always have been, always will be. QN: What was your first time in a gay club like? DAD: Well we have always done things with our kids. We were always taking our kids to softball. There is not a lot of difference really. At softball guys run around a diamond and tag each other, while at The Wickham, guys run around with diamonds and tag each other! MUM: As soon as Josh knew he was going to be in the competition he came out and told us and let us know that we had to be there.

MUM: We are really proud of him. His grand dad would be really proud of him too. He passed away on this day twelve months ago. I know Josh dedicated his win tonight to his Grand dad. DAD: We are all really happy for him. He will do Queensland proud at the finals in Sydney. Teneriffe, Qld, b u s i n e s s. Vignettes of dance will appear throughout the physical space of the buildings unearthing anecdotes and exploring memories; showing that a church is more than bricks and mortar, but the relationships and events shared within those buildings.

Simple images of love, loss, isolation and unity will pass throughout the space. Gareth is a member of Queensland Ballet and Elise is currently dancing with Expressions Dance Company; and it is their different artistic experiences, which have led them to produce a work, which is a unique blend of contemporary dance.

Bookings: www. Charlie Butel and Jake Habib are two opportunists who find themselves cast as extras in an epic Hollywood blockbuster that has hijacked their sleepy country village. Charlie is convinced he has a red-hot script ready for Hollywood - if he can just get to the right people. Bookings: QTIX or www. RISK — a contemporary thriller where theatre, music, sculpture and new media collide in a terrifying world where only the quick-witted and strong-willed survive.

RISK is set in a commercial pine plantation 50 kilometres north of Brisbane where great swathes of bush have been replaced by straight rows of tall pines. Dim, eerie corridors run between the rows and in the distance the freeway cuts through the dark forest. Bookings: 07 or www. Whilst every track might not be familiar, it is a joy to listen to an album where the musical arrangements and vocalist actually complement each other.

Parke has appeared in many musicals including - playing Rolf in The Sound of Music; the lead in the Australian premiere of Sunday in the Park with George; and his own solo cabaret performances. Sunday In The Parke has a lot to offer a much broader audience than just music theatre lovers. As dancer, actor, choreographer, director and mime artist, Helpmann, born in Mount Gambier, South Australia, made an enormous contribution to the performing arts both nationally and internationally.

It includes a selection of photographic and print material, costumes, artefacts and personal memorabilia, as well as video and audio recordings. The annual Helpmann Awards are presented to recognise distinguished artistic achievement and excellence in the performing arts.

Prime location, Sunny north facing. Choice of studio or 1 or 2 bedroom apartments. Opp national park. Fully self contained. Quiet bush retreat in the hills behind Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast. Get away for a few days and recharge your batteries; only sixty minutes to Brisbane.

Use of garage phone Vincent Suit self sufficient independant str8 acting man. Everyone welcome. For information — E: newwaychapel gotalk. We welcome guys approx. XY organizes many different types of events, like coffee nights, bushwalks, movies, dinners, and even weekends away. Passive natured guys welcome. Custom made designs or off the rack for him and her. I will clip your body hair back to skin or to a length that blends and suits.

Call Males required for Brazilian waxing training by experienced waxer at West End. No Charge. Must be available Tuesday or Fridays. Email info risc. Holistic approach to mind and body. Firm massage, relaxing, therapeutic or sports minded. Quality massage. Thai stretching techniques avail. Evenings and weekends only ph NEW!

Head to toe massage. Tension-releasing, therapeutic or just relaxing. Call Chris For friendly, discreet service. S Please. Phone Derry A gym fit male offers full body Swedish or Sports Massage in comfortable, air conditioned, private surrounds.

Also available weekends. Relaxing stress relief, Oil massage, Foot massage, and Full-body relaxation. Now, it seems that Walking Challenges are the new Boot Camp. Everywhere you look there are intent little bodies walking with pod-like step counters attached to their sides. So, are they worth it? Well, the answer is yes. Not just because they encourage people to walk rather than drive or catch transport — but because they get you into a routine of checking and recording what you do.

Whether that be what you eat, how far you walked, or what activities you undertook. It is amazing when you compare the data from different periods to your weight, your health and your lifestyle — interesting things will develop. It is important to keep this in mind when choosing a challenge. Counting steps alone and doing nothing with it wont really provide you with any meaningful data. A great challenge should equip you not just with the goal of increased steps, but give you advice on high intensity activity where you get your heart rate up — unlike most walking , nutrition you are going to be more active so your body is going to be hungrier and general guidelines on when and how to change your lifestyle to accommodate activities that promote health and wellbeing.

Check it out at www. Same sex couples will now be able to go to the Family Court, rather than State courts to sort out their property dispute. Same sex couples will be able, for the first time, to obtain spousal maintenance and split super. They can also enter into binding financial agreements.

The legislation recognises that people can have more than one relationship. The rules apply only for those people who split up after the changes take effect, in about March next year; but couples who split up before then can opt in to the new scheme if both want to.

If people are contemplating separating, they ought to get legal advice now. For some people there are definite advantages of splitting up now, and for others definite advantages of holding off until later. This is an achievement of epic proportions. The Commonwealth and States agreed to these changes in , but they were not implemented by John Howard.

This was mainly because all the States wanted same sex couples to be included, but Howard did not, meaning that there was a Mexican standoff. It is a credit to the Rudd Government that this change has gone through. The change will apply everywhere except in South Australia and Western Australia, which are still negotiating with the Commonwealth.

Tell-tale signs can include general unhappiness, problems with relationships, issues in the workplace, lost sense of humour, increasing grumpiness and if it continues for a long period of time, can develop into premature aging and serious physical problems such as heart disease. One of the most effective ways to overcome unhealthy stress is to increase your resilience to pressures.

This includes increasing your general fitness levels and making sure you eat well. One of the other most powerful tools is to realize the connection between the way you think and the way you feel. It is then a matter of being aware of the stress inducing thoughts you have in your head and challenging them. Notice the words you are using. Put the catastrophising thoughts back into context.

Becoming vigilant about your stress creating thoughts and challenging them is a very powerful and effective way to ride out this challenging time. Your pet will not be transported elsewhere. Camille Stephenson B. To enter register online www. Sequins, glitter and gloves are just a taste of the strange beauty that make up this ukulele-strumming fusion of performance art, cabaret and drag.

Everywhere he goes he takes the audience by storm; gathering glowing reviews; and winning awards for artistic excellence along the way. TAYLOR MAC is a flamboyant chameleon of words, music and socio-political tirades, this visual and vocal phenomenon employs gender-bending surrealism to explore the human condition and challenge the contemporary culture of fear — plus he plays a mean ukulele.

He sings songs of love, loss, fear, anger and redemption, makes you alternately laugh and cry — all while looking outlandishly fabulous. At the moment, I am having a well earned break up in Massachusetts. Yes indeed. The last time I was in Australia I had a fabulous time. Well, I consider myself a theatre artist working in the genre of pastiche. Which is really just a fancy way of saying I do lots of different things.

I also create performance art parties and huge theatrical extravaganzas, perform solo, and then sometimes I squish all of these hats together. I tend to draw from many sources, often throwing high and low art forms together, juxtaposing ideas and images to create new meanings for audiences to grasp. She would squish them all together and tell these non linear stories commenting on both social and political issues.

I was in an early piece of hers when I was younger. It reminds the audience of its humanity. Other artists that have influenced me are Penny Arcade, and the Theatre of the Ridiculous. I learn about the craft. How to take it in the moment. I see it as my responsibility to make a change through my work. I am a strong believer in grass roots action. And the best way to effect change in the world is to effect change in your neighbour.

I am committed to theatre that recognises and cherishes its power to make a difference. Yes — Barack Obama is the only mainstream politician in my entire life that I have ever wanted to vote for. He is a once in a lifetime human being. I have just been waiting for this for such a long time. I really want a world where we celebrate diversity. He has a very wide perception. I have no doubt about it. He is someone that we have all been waiting for. I was born in California and raised there in Stockton CA.

A very suburban and very conservative place. Not a great place to grow up and I suffered for it both emotionally and physically. I always knew what I was, but it was necessary for me to move away, so that I could fully embrace what my calling was and what I was supposed to do. Well imagery kind of plays a huge part in all of my pastiches. A set piece or dress may be a jagged-sparkling-frayed-flowing-gorgeousorganized mess.

If it is a dress, I make sure, when wearing it, that the look acknowledges I am both masculine and feminine. My hair and makeup will also reflect the myriad of impressions: perfect glittering lips accompanied by a matted wig and didactic eyeliner. Once the look is created, I then move on to the text and performance, finding ways for these aspects to reflect the range of the topic as well.

Songs will become monologues that become dialogue that become hidden burlesque routines disguised as political rants, masquerading as kitchen sink dramas and allegories performed in underwater parades. It is complex and purposefully confusing and yet because it utilizes so many different facets. I wrote that song in a day. Primarily what changes in my shows is the banter.

It changes a whole lot. But I definitely have an outline because the show is a pastiche, there still has to be an arc to the show. I try to think about who is my audience. Often when I am performing the people are really vocal in joyful way. Funnily enough, I will often perform for a very liberal crowd and their response will be amazing. By reaffirming their humanity hopefully there is a way to expand your view as an artist.

I am really looking forward to performing there. Bookings: 07 or www. A full range of work is done including inspection certificates for Queensland Transport. The workshops are modern and well equipped, utilising the most up to date diagnostics available. Our courses allow you to further your driving and prepare you for the hazards faced on our roads.

Start the new year off with new found freedom. Vouchers for learning and advanced driving are available for Christmas. Check us out online at www. Selected show times and outlets only. Subject to availability. Single available now on iTunes and physical CD available from November 29th through all record retailers.

Healthy Communities Fund Got a bright idea? QNews is the only Gay and Lesbian publication that gives back to its community Why would you place your advertising dollars anywhere else. Call Kerry or Deeje on 07 support the community that supports you. As the only Gay and lesbian publication in Queensland to do this, you are part of something special. Projects included workshops, theatre productions, retreats and health campaigns. In the first two rounds we were able to fund some great projects which will make a real difference to the lives of LGBT people.

We hope to continue this with the next round in January. The cosmos is giving you the opportunity to sort things out. Your future includes something important, requiring you to be in top shape, mentally and emotionally. Your career and sense of duty are involved. Mars in your eighth solar house leaves you feeling amorous. This is a lot to take in at once and some of you have done well. Others have created havoc for themselves.

All of this is in your control and you have the ability to settle everything down with a little quiet time and honest perspective. There is a circumstance with family or the people you hold dear who need your help. Considering how the universe functions, there is something for you to learn in this too. Your journey towards unlocking the secrets of your subconscious continues. This could be part of what your aforementioned learning could involve. There is a lot of personal growth on offer and this could be through meeting new people or playing the role of teacher.

If you meet someone who peaks your interest, they may have something to teach you. This includes friends and networks. Travel and higher education are in good aspect so take advantage of opportunities that come up. Your position of leading the pack is a natural skill, as is taking care of situations for the good of all. Your money situation will be good and you may need to take care of a partner, business or personal. This is a very confident time for you and you should put this to the test.

This is a good time for philosophical thinking. This could mean a new career or alterations to your current one. Make an effort to expand on what you know and follow your passion. Your personal expression is undergoing some fine tuning from the recent months of growth and development. This will help you in the areas of life path, career and security. Faith is a strong tool to have and taking the leap could prove worthwhile. Watch for communication challenges with people and pay attention to your dreams and intuition.

Your subconscious is very active right now. There is a lot of planetary action in the areas of your chart that involve other people. Your personal development depends on talking to others and observing their experiences. You may find the answers or direction you are looking for and gain an extra step in your growth. Kim makes up with former best friend Tina, while Kath tries to live out her dreams!

Survivor 9 — As the end is in sight the women form a strong alliance, can any man break their pact? Heroes 7 — Mr Petrelli orders hits on his own blood as the villains volume revs up its engine! Right now, 16, brothers, sisters, lovers and friends are living with HIV. And sadly, each week 20 more are newly diagnosed. The comeback has been produced by Dr Dre. Brown made headlines last year when he said Minogue looked like a horse. Mariah Carey is legendary for her diva ways.

Never one to travel light, she also asked for similarVIP treatment at the hotel for her strong entourage of stylists and personal assistants. The sounds of Camila Grey and Leisha Hailey blend well for a unique sound all their own. The cd is a well rounded album and showcases what these girls are made of!!! Would totally recommend this cd to everyone!!!! Her current fans will love the passion and power that is her hallmark, but there will be new fans aplenty that love the uplifting nature of the new direction.

Sanctuary is guaranteed to be a night of pure party magic. Shows will be by an all male dance troupe from Velvet Motion who is the leader when it comes to gay dance entertainment. When asked about his music set for Sanctuary, Mark simply states that it will be music that throws down a heavy dance beat but with an uplifting sound.

If you are not a member you can join by visiting their web site - www. Jones will kick off her international Hurricane tour in Sydney with a three-night stand at the Enmore Theatre - the first Australian shows for the former Bond girl, model, actress and entertainer in 20 years. The Sydney Festival has been running since and in will feature more than performances of theatre, dance, music and film from January More than , people turned out in , and organisers are expecting upwards of , to reclaim the streets next year.

For now, the itinerary is limited to the United Kingdom. Ultravox enjoyed its biggest success under the leadership of Urie, who replaced original frontman Dennis Leigh aka John Foxx in Top 5 Singles 1.

So What — P! The lyrical and experimental play charts the disintegration of a human mind under the pressures of love, loss, and desire. But, for me, her biggest theatrical legacy is her experimentation with form and theatrical style. This rollicking little musical does for s girl singers what the hit Forever Plaid did for s guy singers. SUDS incorporates over 50 well known, chart topping hit songs from the s, SUDS spins the saga of a lonely Laundromat lass and the guardian angels who teach her to find true love.

Bookings: www. However, the Spirit of Christmas lives on, continuing to bring family and friends together under a new guise when Christmas in Concert is presented in the Playhouse, QPAC. The 90 voice choir has been secretly rehearsing for over 3 months and now eagerly awaits the chance to take to the stage to perform, accompanied by The Queensland Pops Orchestra, under the baton of Barrie Gott.

Bookings: QTIX or qtix. The score is something of a fusion of styles and techniques, and Jaret has used techniques in modern music mixed with older styles, such as swing. Bookings: 07 OR bookings frontrow. The plays duck and weave in and out of the big and little issues of life and will invite audiences on a journey through Queensland in , to the landing on the moon, through the ongoing battle of the sexes and, of course, to the end of the world.

During a rather ostentatious wedding reception at Knoxville, Tennessee estate, five reluctant, identically dressed bridesmaids hide out in an upstairs bedroom, each with their own reasons to avoid the proceedings. We All Crave Something 26 www. Just want it to work? Call Today Same day service in most cases. Whether it be a glass of wine, cold beer or a delicious meal you want to enjoy, why not drop by, kick your shoes off and relax!

As an extremely sensitive and intelligent teenager, these everyday interactions are fraught with meaning and symbolism for James, who struggles with, among other things, a deeply internalised homophobia. Rather than biblethumping homophobes, James has caring parents who take the initiative to ask if he is gay and express their acceptance if he is. All in all, anyone who has struggled to come out will appreciate this story and be both moved and humoured by the situations that can be so consuming at the age of 18 and nothing but a memory years later.

This quiet and introspective story is a fantastic read for all ages. Courtesy of Out in Perth Entertainment By Oliver Johnston Ah, High School years… filled with happy binge drinking, rampant promiscuity and occasional bouts of learning. Oh, the memories… The fact that all of us, aside from the most socially disadvantaged, have high school memories is perhaps one of the reasons why movies set in high school have been around for more than half a century and continue to flourish.

Which brings us to American Teen, which, while actually being a documentary, is still filled with various conventions and references that make the viewer feel they could be watching a standard fictional High School film. We spend the best part of a year in the small and excruciatingly bland looking town of Warsaw, Indiana, and in the lives of the carefully selected typical American Teens.

Even though most of the events of the film are just that of typical teen angst, with break ups and crushes and general melodrama, this is a highly engaging and enjoyable piece of filmmaking. This documentary is a look at the lives of three drag queens, working hard to earn a living in a tough industry. Shot more like a feature film than a documentary, Ladies Please uses monologues and mocked scenarios, spliced with footage of the performers on stage and with their families, to paint an accurate portrait of the lifestyle and obstacles.

I found it particularly interesting to see how attitudes have changed dramatically since this film was produced only 13 years ago, and even more interesting that some of the issues mainly not being suitably remunerated for services to nightclub managers still remain the same. There are some great special features on the DVD including two short films and production stills.

American Teen Ladies Please! Featuring its own Espresso Bar, cinema patrons can expect more than just a cinema. Guests can indulge with an authentic Lavazza coffee by professional baristas and enjoy a selection of Paninis, tapas and cakes.

Palace Barracks is fully licensed so guests can order their premium beer, fine wine or soft drink before the film and take it into the cinema with them. It will screen the best in mainstream movies, arthouse and quality family films. Palace Barracks features six theatres accommodating over seats with luxurious seating and the latest in Dolby digital surround sound.

Patrons can take a train, bus, walk or arrive by car. Parking is available underneath the building, access via the pedestrian bridge from Roma Street or a bus that drops you at the front of The Barracks. The event is always a great day to catch up with old friends and a fantastic opportunity to make new ones.

Free food and drink will be provided on the day along with plenty of entertainment. Please ring to RSVP to help with catering. With a new venue to call home, White Wolf once again proved itself to be the number one all male dance party in Queensland. Despite the hail and lightning storm that was savaging Brisbane, almost men crammed in to the St Pauls Tavern to party in an all bloke, no attitude environment.

The crowd was treated to an amazing evening of entertainment by DJs Corey Czock and Les Smith, plus the unique talents of local performers Marc and Fez. Men came from as far as Longreach, Sydney and Melbourne to attend the night. White Wolf organisers told QNews they were pleased with the night and happy the new venue was received so well.

The new venue got the thumbs up from the blokes who partied hard and it was very hot to see a sea of guys packed onto the dance floor with their shirts off enjoying the beats of Corey and Les. We have some hot ideas for the next White Wolf to be held on the Australia Day long weekend.

World AIDS Day is almost upon us and if you have not done so already, take a moment and go to our website www. Positive Directions is active on a range of World AIDS Day committees, and you can find flyers about the various events on our website. I also wanted to let QNEWS readers know that over the past few months, we have been busy diversifying our range of resources.

In addition to our number for PLWHA who live outside of metropolitan areas, we now have fridge magnets, and perforated business cards with all the phone numbers to each of the Positive Directions sites. If you would like these resources, please feel free to call me on or email me at PDinfo spiritus. And lastly, on our website you will find a range of the Transport Fact Sheets — perhaps there is a service that can help you get to an appointment. If you would like printed versions of these resources, again feel free to contact me by phone or email.

Want to know more? And with three very different spaces to cater to all lesbians, of all ages and of all styles this will be a celebration not to be missed! Josh has managed top ranking positions in the Top 50 DJ poll since its humble beginnings and is still the reigning queen in SA above her male counterparts.

Visit www. MAIL replies 1. Qnews will not amend adverts that do not adhere to words or phrases approved by the PLA.

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