diablo 2 upgrade etheral item
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Diablo 2 upgrade etheral item can my pc mine cryptocurrency

Diablo 2 upgrade etheral item

Calvin Trillin June 16, MrEngineer1 13 years ago 6 Certain Ethereal items have they're uses. As stated, Mercs do not degrade durability. This fact along with increased and slightly lower required stats to equip make them ideal on Mercs. Certain runewords like Oath and Death have an indestructible modifier, so by putting them in a base weapon that's ethereal with give you more damage at again slightly lowered required stats.

Online, where HR are dupped like mad, people can get a nice ethereal weapon, socket it, and put a zod in it to make it indestructible. If it's a nice enough weapon, the Zod can be "worth it" only if duped I suppose. Offline people would never do such a thing MrEngineer1 13 years ago 7 Darn you gamefaqs for not having an edit button. TravellingJack 13 years ago 9. Socketing You can socket a normal ethereal item, and it will remain ethereal, and gain sockets just as a non-ethereal item would.

In Diablo 2 version 1. This is normal. What is not normal is the fact that when sockets are added to an ethereal armor or shield using the Horadric Cube, that ethereal defense bonus is applied again. The result is an armor or shield with an absolutely impossible defense rating.

Enhanced defense modifiers are then added to that base defense rating, so the difference in end defense is rather huge. An ethereal Sacred Rondache shield socketed this way and the having the Rune word Exile installed can have a defense in excess of And because of the self-repair mod on Exile, it will not break. This bug appeared as a side-effect when the 1. Unfortunately, that fix also affected the ethereal armor socketing formula, making armors now gain a second defense bonus when socketed.

Cube Recipes Ethereal swords used in the 3 chippy recipe do not remain Ethereal. Ethereal items used in the 3 perfect gems recipe do not remain Ethereal. They emerge as normal items of their type, no longer ethereal. Crafting Ethereal items that are crafted will become normal items, not remain ethereal.

The rule of thumb is that anything using a cube crafting or other recipes will turn an ethereal item normal, and remove the bonus damage or defense on it. The v1. Zod in Ethereal has been bugged several times, and were in v1.

This bug was fixed in v1. When the bug was in effect, inserting a Zod into an Ethereal item with bonus durability would ruin the item, making it drop to 0 durability. However, Zod in an etheral item that did not have bonus durability would make the item indestructible. However Hellslayer has no bonus durability, and will therefore become indestructible if you Zod it.

Fixing Ethereal There is no way to make an Ethereal item non-ethereal and retain its original stats, other than using the Zod rune, and it is partially bugged, as the above entry details. You must socket the Zod before the item goes to zero durability. There is nothing else you can do to change an Ethereal without changing the entire item.

Adding a socket, personalizing an item, etc has no effect on ethereal. The Golem gets bonus stats, and is transparent in the game, much like Ghostly champion monsters. Golems you can see-through are cool.

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